Zacharias Learned

Zacharias and Elizabeth had prayed for a child, perhaps for a son. God sent an angel to Zacharias to let him know that God heard the man’s prayer, and he and his wife would have a son. However, Zacharias doubted. Over nine months later when their son was born and when the time for circumcizing the boy had arrived, all the people wanted to name the boy after Zacharias. Elizabeth objected, saying that the boy would be called John. They consulted with Zacharias, and he wrote on a tablet, “His name is John” (Luke 1:61-63).
For over nine months Zacharias could not speak, because the angel made the priest mute for doubting God. For all those months, he could not say a thing to his wife as she was pregnant and they were both full of joy. He must have done plenty of thinking during those months.
He learned to believe God when He speaks.
Have you learned the same lesson?

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