The Adoption

by Paula Harrington
momdaughter2.jpgI was talking to a friend recently when we were interrupted by an ecstatic little girl. Since I already knew the reason for her excitement, her attention was focused solely on my friend.
“I’m getting adopted tomorrow!” Her curls bounced around her joyful eyes. She added, “And I get a brand new name!”
Once she skipped away, my friend, who I assumed knew the girl, turned to me. “That was precious. Who is she?”
Do you remember the joy you felt when you were adopted and given a new name? The moment you became a Christian was cause for great celebration. Did your new family in Christ surround you with hugs and encouragement?
Did you call your parents to tell them? Did you stop by someone’s house on your way home to share your news? Remember that zeal? That passion you had for the Lord? Remember the great things you were going to do for him and his kingdom.
What happened?
There was a time when we wanted to tell everyone about our new life. We could’ve shouted it from the rooftops, declared it to the world, and written it across the skies.
We were going to convert the masses, but then something happened. We moved Jesus to Sunday morning and maybe on a good week, Wednesday night. We replaced our first love with stress, worries, and commitments.
Isn’t it time that we find the enthusiasm that we once had? Like that little, brown eyed girl who was ready to tell the whole world about her new home and her name, we must also.
We are children of God (Ephesians 1:5, I John 3:1). Shouldn’t we be telling others? Find that passion you once had. Tell the world you’re saved and salvation is possible for them as well. You’ve been changed. Now, go change the world.

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