What-If Works

by Barry Newton
africanhands2.jpgWhat if when denouncing works, Paul intended to communicate a different fundamental message than denying that we can be saved by doing something?
What if recovering Paul’s original meaning would resolve what some have considered for the past 500 years to be difficult verses, because these statements associate obedient action with receiving salvation which is seen as conflicting with salvation by faith?
What if the essence of Paul’s attack against works was directed towards a self-reliance based upon the Law, and not mere action?
What if some actions of obedience are not a cause for self-centered boasting, but rather exemplify humble acts of faith?
What if Paul would have been appalled when some today condemn baptism as a work, since he considered it an act of faith in Jesus’ blood?
What if people openly examined the foregoing ideas discovering they rang true?
What if people valued conforming their understanding to Paul’s message rather than hanging onto the perceived security of their religious tradition?
Imagine what if.

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