The Wilderness

by Paula Harrington
Ever feel like you’re wandering your way through life, aggravated with the people around you and frustrated with most of your situations? Too many times we forget that God is in control. He’s there guiding us, listening to our cares and concerns and providing for us. However, sometimes we become so wrapped up in our troubles that we lose sight of him.
Our God Leads
As the Israelites learned when they left Egypt, letting God lead doesn’t mean our lives will be problem-free.The Lord wants us to take his hand, trust that he’ll care for us and leave the managing of the universe to him. Give God the reins. As long as we follow him, things are never as bad as they may seem.
Our God Protects
Not only did the Lord guide the Israelites through their desert, he stood between them and the advancing Egyptians (Exodus 14:19-20), and he will stand between us and our problems as well. God fights for those who are his (Exodus 14:14). Give your problems to him. His protection is yours.
Our God Delivers
It was 40 years of wandering for the Israelites. There were times of joy, grief, doubt and despair, yet there came a day when they crossed over into the land that the Lord had promised. Our years of wandering this wilderness may be much longer, but we have an assurance that there will come a day when he will deliver us to a home he has prepared (John 14:2-3).
This journey is full of heartaches and hazards, yet children of God are always cared for. It’s only when we take our eyes off the one who leads protects, and delivers are we in danger of getting lost.
Chose this day whom you will serve, and then let him escort you through the wilderness.

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