The Onyx Stones of the Ephod

Everything associated with the tabernacle and its services, God ordered to be beautiful. Exodus 39:2-7 shows how He wanted the ephod made for Aaron to wear. Verses 6, 7 mention the onyx stones that were set in gold engraved with the names of the sons of Israel. The onyx stones served as memorial stones for the sons of Israel.
Thus when the high priest did His work, it reminded both the high priest and God that the whole tabernacle scenario was for the sons of Israel. God did not need the sacrifices and all the other activities. Man needed those things.
God wanted a relationship with Israel and He wants a relationship with the whole world today, but not because He needs it. We need it, but He desires us strongly. Do you desire Him? Do you hunger and thirst for a relationship with the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and the God of Israel, the God of the tabernacle in the wilderness?

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