Keeping Pure

God wanted Israel to remain pure. Therefore, He enacted various laws that brought the death penalty to keep certain practices from becoming common place. In Exodus 22:18-24, He laid out some of those laws that covered many areas of life:
v. 18 – He protected their spiritual purity: Put a sorceress to death
v. 19 – He protected their sexual purity: Put one who lies with an animal to death
v. 20 – He protected their worship purity: Put an idolator to death
v. 21 – He protected their love purity: They were not to mistreat strangers
vv. 22-24 – He protected their community purity: He would put to death anyone who mistreated a widow or orphan
God still wants Christians to be pure in all these areas. He has not prescribed the death penalty, but that does not He mean He looks upon these matters in a lighter way, but there is a greater reckoning before Him at the Judgment.
Keep yourself pure in all things.

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