The Feast of Unleavened Bread

A super important feast for the nation of Israel was the feast of unleavened bread, commemorating the day on which Israel left Egypt. Unleavened bread was the major part of this feast, representing the haste with which Israel had to leave Egypt, that they could not make bread to take that had to rise, but they had to make some without leaven and cook it immediately and then leave.
The Lord specified that in the month Abib they were to observe the feast, especially once they entered the land of Canaan. For seven days they would eat unleavened bread, and then on the seventh day they would make a special feast to the LORD, who had delivered them from Egypt, the place of bondage and brought them to the land of Canaan, the place of freedom. During this feast they were to have no leavened bread among them, they could not even have leaven in all their quarters (Exodus 13:4-7).
For us who have been baptized into Christ, we should likewise remember the very day on which we were baptized, because at that time, He delivered us from slavery to freedom. Do you know the day on which that happened? If not, see whether you can find out.

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