Ashes Before Pharaoh

Moses and Aaron took ashes from a furnace, went before Pharaoh, and threw the ashes toward heaven. The tossed ashes caused boils to break out or to break open as sores on man and beast (Exodus 9:10).
What did Pharaoh think when he saw ashes brought into his presence in the throne room? You know that the throne and its environment, including Pharaoh himself, were clean of any dirt or dust. Then two men, whom he despised, bring in ashes and throw them.
Pharaoh soon learned that the ashes were nothing compared to what they caused.
Yet, just like the previous four plagues, the fifth plague did not move Pharaoh to release Israel.
The stubbornness of humanity goes beyond what we can imagine. Consider how many people know about Christianity, but will not submit themselves to Jesus Christ. Are you stubborn about changing something that needs changing?

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