Fleeing From Your Own Good Work

Moses anticipated that the children of Israel might not accept him. So, the Lord asked Moses what was in his hand. Moses said, “A rod.” The Lord told Moses to cast it on the ground and immediately it became a serpent and Moses ran away from it.
The Lord told Moses to take the serpent by the tail. He did so and it became his rod again. The Lord explained that by such a demonstration of miraculous power, the children of Israel would believe that the God of their fathers had appeared to Moses (Exodus 4:3-5).
Do you think God would have let the serpent bite Moses? Why would God allow Moses to do that miracle, only to have the miracle turn around and bite him? Nevertheless, he ran from the serpent. Moses only saw the serpent and forgot who told him to do such a thing.
How do you respond to your own good works? Does your own success frighten you?

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