Don't Commit It!

by Stan Mitchell
sad_girl2.jpgIn her book, “The Ten Commandments,” Dr. Laura Schlessinger recalls a time as a little girl that she had been particularly mischievous. In frustration, her father threatened to leave her in an orphanage, if she didn’t straighten up.
“You can’t do that,” little Laura declared.
“Why not?” her father asked.
“Because it’s against the Law!” she answered.
“What law is that?” her father asked.
“When adults leave their kids somewhere,” she concluded triumphantly, “its called adultery!”
When adults commit, well, adultery, everyone gets hurt. Towering passions, fear and anger sweep everything before them, in a flood of emotions. For this reason, the Wise Man warns us against the allure of the “wayward woman” (or wayward man, as the case may be!)
“Do not desire her beauty in your heart, and do not let her capture you with her eyelashes … Can a man carry fire next to his chest and his clothes not be burned?” (Proverbs 6:25,27 ESV).
From the pages of scripture such names as Samson and Delilah, David and Bathsheba, Judah and Tamar remind us that human nature has always been pretty much the same as it is today.
Adultery is an essentially selfish act, done in a moment of pleasure, without thought for those who are affected. Remember your family; remember your church; remember your God.
Especially, for the sake of the children, adults shouldn’t commit “adultery.”

One Reply to “Don't Commit It!”

  1. Great article! This reminds me of a recent study of Romans 12:9b, “Abhor that which is evil, cling to that which is good.” The definition of “abhor” is to hold something in complete disgust. Unless we view evil this way, we’ll always be tempted to look at evil as a viable behavioral alternative. We can’t afford to “give place” to it. It ought to disgust us.

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