Jesus Sent the Multitude Away

Multitudes followed Jesus everywhere He went. Even when He wanted to get away, He could hardly do it. Matthew 13 shows one of those things when “great multitudes were gathered together to Him,” causing Him to have to sit in a boat, to have breathing room so to speak, while all the people stood on the shore (Matthew 13:2). Then He spoke many parables to them.
When He finished, Matthew simply states this, “Then Jesus sent the multitude away and went into the house” (Matthew 13:36a).
How did He do that? Perhaps the people tired out. Perhaps they could see He tired out. They did have other matters in life that they had to fulfill.
Yet, this gets me even more. There was a multitude that He had to send away. It was like Moses telling the people not to contribute anymore because they had enough to make the tabernacle.
Oh God, give us so many people who hunger for the word as these people did that at some point we will have to send them away!

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