The Reunion

The brothers of Joseph who had attempted to kill him, then sold him into slavery, finally appeared before him twenty-two years later. He was no longer a seventeen-year-old boy, but had become a thirty-nine-year-old man who dressed and spoke as an Egyptian. Therefore, he recognized them, but they did not recognize him. Remembering over two decades earlier, he spoke roughly to them, wanting to know where they were from. They told him they were from Canaan and had come to buy food (Genesis 42:7).
Moses wrote, “So Joseph recognized his brothers, but they did not recognize him” (Genesis 42:8).
As you read the story, keep in mind that Joseph spoke to his brothers through an interpreter, although he understood everything they said without the interpreter. However, for the time being, he needed to keep his identity a secret, even as Esther did, until the right time.
Timing is crucial. Pray to God that you will know the right timing for things.

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