The Meaning of Prophecy

Some people make blanket statements that all prophecy should be taken literally. Can we always do that? Genesis 41:2-7 shows Pharaoh having a dream of seven well-fed cows coming up out of the river, followed by seven gaunt cows also coming up out of the river and eating the first seven cows. Then Pharaoh had another dream of seven plump heads of grain on one stalk, which was followed by another seven thin heads of grain that devoured by the first seven plump grains.
Just take one element of that. Can heads of grain literally eat other heads of grain? If you are not sure, then read all of Genesis 41 and you will see that is not the way things happened.
Yes, the prophecy did literally and accurately deal with cows, grain, and other food, but then the dream/prophecy of Pharaoh showed those cows and grain doing unnatural things.
How then can you know what part of a prophecy shows things literally and what part shows things representatively? Use your common sense.

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