The Church, What the World Can Never Be

The church is the society that the world wants and tries to be, but never can be.

In the church selfless love is typical, standard, normal. In the world it is the exception that makes headlines.

In the church Christians treat each other equally, as brothers. There is respect and equality. In the world men are judged by their skin, their clothes, their bank accounts, their homes and origins.

In the church justice and right-doing exemplify daily interaction. The world fails miserably to provide justice and approves of shameful behavior.

In the church mercy takes up where justice leaves off. Forgiveness is given freely. The world is harsh and unforgiving.

In the church service is the hallmark of the saints. The little ones are taken care of. In the world people elbow others out on the way to the top, and the elite, rich and powerful make the headlines.

In the church is joy of life and joy at the coming of the Lord. Circumstances cannot affect the church’s mood. The world is a somber place punctuated by parties and temporary fixes.

In the church peace reigns, because disciples of Christ give preference to one another. The world has never seen a day without war and conflict.

The church is the community the world will never be because of its Governor and King. He is the one who makes all the difference between the church and the world.

“And the church is his body; it is filled by Christ, who fills everything everywhere with his presence” (Eph 1:23 NLT).

4 Replies to “The Church, What the World Can Never Be”

  1. Thanks Randal. Community is certainly something about which we need to think more as Christians. There is something to be said for individual responsibility, no doubt, but the church is without doubt God’s community and we need to be more community minded in that regard. Appreciate the thoughts.

  2. Thanks, Kevin, you’re right, I do believe. The thought of the first paragraph hit me last night as I rose to conclude the church’s meeting in Taubate. There’s a special interest in one another, a care and concern for one another, that has developed, so beautiful to see. I treasure that.

  3. One of the greatest failures in the last 35-40 years is failing to teach what God wants the church to be (personnel and behavior). This has led many to leave the church to go anywhere “their personal relationship with Jesus” felt good about going.

  4. I just got back to the USA after a mission trip to Buenos Aires Costa Rica. We went there to help start a new congregation of the Lords church. The people do not have allot of this worlds goods and still come together in brotherly love. hopfully we ca help them to continue to focus on Jesus and his teachings.
    In his service
    Tom Mitchell

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