Making it Clear

by Paula Harrington
20dollarbill2.jpgThe local pizza parlor sports a room full of game machines and prizes. Our youngest thinks it’s the closest place to Heaven on Earth. As several of the teens from our group made their way to the fun, she quickly followed but first had to secure money from dear old mom and dad.
Since I didn’t have any smaller bills, I handed her a twenty and her father instructed her to get change. “Two fives and a ten,” he told her and then she was gone.
It was a good five minutes before we realized that she hadn’t come back. When I went in search, I saw her next to the Skee-Ball machine with a horde of tickets. “Where’s my change?” I asked. She replied with a weak smile.
I continued, “You didn’t put that entire $20 in the token machine, did you?” She quickly shook her head. The innocence in her eyes melted my frustration when she replied, “No, I just put the ten and two fives in.”
Children can’t be expected to follow unclear instructions. Thankfully, our father’s instructions are clear. He doesn’t try to confuse or mislead us. Our directive is there in black, white, and red. Love, obey, encourage, help others, and never give up.
God was clear why he sent his son to save us from our sins (John 3:16). He was clear when he instructed us on worship (John 4:24). He didn’t waffle on our purpose (Ecclesiastes 12:13, I Corinthians 6:19-20) or our future (John 14:3).
Make it clear to others. Don’t assume they understand. Assumptions can be dangerous and or costly. Take your friends to the Word and let it be a lamp to their feet and a light for their path (Psalm 119:105).

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