The Great Family of Unity Started in Division

As I read Genesis 27 and came upon verses 6-13 where Rebekah has learned that before Isaac dies he wants to bless his son Esau, but she works a plan for her favorite son Jacob to receive the blessing, it occurred to me that this is the family that would bless the entire earth.
God promised Abraham that in him all the families of the earth could be blessed (Genesis 12:3). Yet, there were problems between Abraham’s sons. God made the same promises to Isaac. Again, there were problems between his sons, and Genesis 27 shows one of the major points of contention. Later, the sons of Jacob will have problems, at least against one of the brothers.
Amazing, is it not, that while men divide over their various problems, God knows how to bring us together. In Christ, the seed of Abraham, God has made it possible for any people to join as one and to experience the blessings of Abraham and then to be a blessing to the world as he was.

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