The Burial of Abraham

Note two things about the burial of Abraham. When he died, the Bible says he, “was gathered to his people” (Genesis 25:8). Then, after identifying the location of the burial place, the Bible says his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried their father, “There Abraham was buried, and Sarah his wife” (Genesis 25:10).
Note this first. While the Bible says that Abraham was gathered to his people, he was only buried with Sarah. Therefore, being gathered to his people meant more than simply being buried with his wife, for if that is all that was meant, the Bible would have said that. No, the moment Abraham died, he joined his people, that is, his spirit separated from the body and he went to the place where those who had died in the faith had already gone. Remember this the next time “Jehovah’s Witnesses” try to tell you that we do not survive beyond the grave.
Note this second. The sons of Isaac and Ishmael united to bury their father. Yet, today their descendants are at war, especially the descendants of Ishmael against the descendants of Isaac. They divide, believing one is better than the other, yet, the first two sons of Abraham came together because of him. Why can that not be done today? Let everyone especially unite through one descendant of Abraham in particular, Jesus the Christ.

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