Honoring the Lord

The Lord accused the priests of not showing Him honor and reverence, because they despised His name. They wanted to know how they had despised His name, meaning that it was not something obvious to them (Malachi 1:6). He revealed that when they offered defiled food to Him on the altar and when they offered poor sacrifices they dishonored Him (Malachi 1:7, 8).
He challenged them to offer it, “to your governor! Would he be pleased with you? Would he accept you favorably?” (Malachi 1:8). In most of the nations where these e-mail devotionals go, we may not understand such a challenge. In our governments, leaders have to be careful not to offend us, but in the government back then, they had to be careful not to offend the leader.
Even then, you can still get a good idea of what is meant by offering to someone you love, and claim to honor, a banana so ripe it is black. See how they respond. They will not be delighted by what you offer.
Do you think the Lord’s government is more like our modern “democracies” or more like the government of ancient Israel? I think the latter. What then do we offer to the Lord when we worship Him? Do we give Him part of our hearts or the whole thing?

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