By Paula Harrington
houseworker.jpgI have a problem. It seems that I can’t accomplish one task without getting sidetracked by another. Last night I realized that a load of laundry needed to be washed so I went to the kitchen to gather the dishtowels. That’s when I saw that the dishwasher needed to be unloaded.
After reloading the dishwasher, I noticed that the floor was in dire need of sweeping. As I put away the broom, there sat the dog’s water dish, completely empty. It was after our walk that I remembered the kitchen towels had never made it to the laundry room.
Don’t you hate it when that happens? You’re going through the motions of life when all of a sudden, you’re not where you need to be or doing what you need to be doing.
The car breaks down, the bill is late, the Principal calls and somehow we’ve taken a detour on the road to Heaven.
Yesterday, we were walking on the water; today we’re drowning in a sea of struggles and heartaches, totally forgetting that Jesus is there, waiting for our outstretched hand.
The Bible gives us many examples of folks who got off course. David was sidetracked by lust, Elijah by discouragement, and the Israelites by unbelief. Judas was preoccupied with the love of money while the Pharisees were fixated on the sins of others.
Martha was diverted by stress. Demas was so overcome by worldly desire that he forgot his first love and fell away.
Aren’t you glad that Jesus never lost his focus? Not when he was tempted in the desert, hassled by the crowds, or in agony on the cross. He never forgot why he was here or what his mission was.
This new year will bring many trials, temptations, good times, and bad. In the midst of them all, may we never lose sight of the one who gave himself for us.
Don’t get sidetracked. Seek Jesus, hold his gaze, and stand firm. Heaven is right around the corner.
*Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6 ESV)*

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