Even Mountains Quake Before the Lord

Imagine the Lord walking on the clouds (Nahum 1:3), and all the waters of the earth dry up, and the flowers wilt (Nahum 1:4), and this also,
The mountains quake before Him,
The hills melt,
And the earth heaves at His presence,
Yes, the world and all who dwell in it.
(Nahum 1:5)
The mountains, the hills, indeed the whole earth knows who He is and they quake, melt, and heave at His presence. They tremble not only because they know who He is, but in the Book of Nahum they know that He has come down for wrath (Nahum 1:2, 3).
When the inhabitants of the world, in particular when the Assyrians, saw Him coming in wrath, they would also tremble.
Do you know this God? Do you know His capabilities of wrath? Do you know His capabilities of love?

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