by Paula Harrington
scarredhands1.jpgThomas always gets a bad rap. His friend had just been murdered, his world turned upside down, and his expectations for his future in shambles.
Was it too much to ask for proof that what he had been through was real (John 20:25)?
His closest acquaintances were telling him something unbelievable. Jesus was back? He had risen from the dead? Impossible!
If only he had stopped to think about it, he would’ve remembered that most everything Jesus did was not possible. Nevertheless, Thomas wanted to see the scars.
Scars– evidence that something dreadful has touched our lives. Whether they are physical or emotional, we all have them. The difficult childhood, the loves lost, the future we planned, botched, not to leave out the endless struggles that accompany day to day life. These can, at times, leave damage that can only be repaired by the love of a Heavenly father.
Children celebrate their scars. They compare them on the playground and tell grand stories. However, adults tend to hide their wounds. We don’t want others to know that we’ve been hurt. Suffering is swept under the rug, smiles are forced, and lives are perfected if only for the few moments it takes to warm a padded pew or get through a hectic day.
Life is hard. It’s full of trial and error, apologies and forgiveness. Yet Christians are offered a remedy for those challenging times. A balm for the soul that isn’t available to just anyone and with it comes peace, healing, and a glorious future.
Isn’t it time we quit acting like our lives are flawless? Get real with others.Tell them where you’ve been, what you’re going through, and where you’re headed and then tell them about the scars that give you hope, the ones that happened, not too long ago, on a tree at Calvary.

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