There is a time to rejoice, and a time to lament. Wise is he, who knows when to rejoice and when to lament. Lamentation cleanses the soul. Therefore, do it when the time calls for it. The time called for it after locusts came through the land of Israel,
Lament like a virgin girded with sackcloth
For the husband of her youth.
The grain offering and the drink offering
Have been cut off from the house of the LORD;
The priests mourn, who minister to the LORD.
The field is wasted,
The land mourns;
For the grain is ruined,
The new wine is dried up,
The oil fails.
(Joel 1:8-10)
How does a virgin lament who has lost her new husband? That was how Israel was to lament over the devastation of the locust. For then the grain offerings, the new wine, and the oil could not be given. That meant that the service required by God could not be rendered to Him.
However, Israel had been idolatrous anyway. So, they may not have been making the grain offerings, although some in Israel were faithful.
What they should have mourned was not only the locust devastation, but what that devastation represented, that of a mighty army of men God was sending that would do far greater damage to Israel than the locusts unless Israel repented.
Whatever harm we experience in this life is nothing compared to the harm coming, if we do not repent of our sins.

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