Return by the Help of God

Jacob grabbed his brother’s heel as they were being born, and Jacob even wrestled with God, so to speak, when the man wrestled with an Angel. Jacob also cried to God about matters in his life and God heard and blessed Jacob. Yahweh of hosts was the One Jacob dealt with (Hosea 12:3-5). Yet, Jacob as a nation strayed from the same God. Therefore, Hosea the prophet spoke to them, saying,
So you, by the help of your God, return;
Observe mercy and justice,
And wait on your God continually.
(Hosea 12:6)
The nation corrupted itself badly, nevertheless, they could still return with the help of God. That did not exclude their responsibility for cleaning up their act. Therefore, the prophet told them three things they needed to do: 1) Observe mercy. 2) Observe justice. 3) Wait on God continually.
All three actions God still requires of nations and of Christians.

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