It Could Be You

by Paula Harrington
crossnail.jpgBeside a quiet stretch of interstate in southern Kentucky stands a small wooden cross with the words, “It Could Be You” in the center.
Sadly, it isn’t the only cross that borders I-24. However, it is the only one that proclaims this written message.
James tells us that our time here is short (James 4:14). It could end on a casual trip to the airport to pick up family for the holidays or on the way to the store for a gallon of milk. It could happen on a somewhat typical day that will, for our loved ones, be a date in history like no other.
The cross doesn’t only mark a place of someone’s death; it signifies a time in someone else’s life. An era of great sorrow and turmoil but for some, it can predict a joyous reunion, a luxury that only children of God will obtain.
“It could be you,” the cross says. No, the more accurate declaration would be, “It was you.” It was all of us. We’ve all been there, whether it was under the open sky or in the bleak comfort of four walls. We faced death, loneliness, and the enemies’ tactics of telling us that we are unloved and uncared for.
We shouted to the heavens and demanded to know why and how. But because of another cross on a long ago road, we soon found peace.
We felt the comfort of the Father who by his grace and love pulled us out of despair. With that pain and healing, came a responsibility; a charge to help others who are in the midst of their own devastation (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). Our faith is for such times.
There are people around us who are hurting. It’s our job to help. Lead them to Jesus.

4 Replies to “It Could Be You”

  1. Paula, I read your story on your blog before coming here. What a touching story. It makes me understand you and Brian even more (although I only know you through your blogs). God is amazing and He has done wonderful things through you. Keep your spirit sister. I hope we see each other again some day.

  2. This story and the one on your blog are so touching. I’m so sorry you lost both of your parents at such a young age. I can’t imagine how that must have felt – and to be the same date 10 years apart had to be extremely difficult. Continue to let God strengthen you and use you and your talents to His glory. I know you will and am thankful for your example to others.

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