Giving Up

by Paula Harrington
brokenchain2.jpgMany speeches, books, and sermons are written on the importance of perseverance. Keep on, keepin’ on is a familiar adage for many of us and rightfully so. However, there are times when the most valuable move a Christian can make, is to give up.
Giving up Regret
Judas was regretful (Matthew 27). So regretful, in fact, that he took his own life. Too many times we allow regret to keep us from God. We agonize over past mistakes and let them define who we are for eternity.
Giving up Pride
The proud have no regard for God. They think that they can do all things on their own and are surprised when their world crumbles around them (Proverbs 16:18).
Giving up Worry
Jesus tells us not to worry (Matthew 6:25). He knew it wouldn’t make us taller, smarter, or richer. Worrying adds clouds to an otherwise sunny day.
Giving up Greed
The rich young ruler was ready to follow Christ (Mark 10:17ff). He had kept all the commandments and done what he thought he needed to do. He thought he was ready but was disheartened when Jesus told him that there was something he had overlooked.
Giving up Selfishness
Can you imagine how different the world would be if each of us put the interest of others above our own? Can you imagine the marriages that would be saved? The pews that would be filled? The wars that would end? Paul tells us (Philippians 2:3-4) to esteem others above ourselves. Shouldn’t we be willing to put those words into practice?
It’s time to stop giving in to what’s keeping us from God and start giving it up. Give up your regret, pride, worry, greed and selfishness and then give your heart to Jesus.

2 Replies to “Giving Up”

  1. We would like to run your article in our church bulletin. Some good points to put in mind as this year ends and we prepare to take on 2010. Very well written, thank you.

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