Arming for the Battle (4)

by Richard Mansel, managing editor
dadtelescope.jpg“In physical warfare, the helmet and sword are the last two pieces a soldier takes up. The helmet, hot and uncomfortable, would be put on a soldier when he faced impending danger.”/1
The helmet and the sword work together. The helmet represents knowledge, while the sword represents the Word of God. The application is clear. We learn the Word and incorporate it into our minds and lives and we can be ready for all of the attacks that will rise against us.
We must possess the knowledge that we will not be defeated, if we remain in Christ. “With his head protected, the soldier feels safe in the midst of the battle.”/2
The sword is an offensive weapon and is, “the breath of God (Revelation 19:15; NKJV, cf. Hebrews 4:12).”/3
Nothing can defeat the Word of God (cf. John 1:1-5). When properly utilized, it is an unstoppable force.
We are fighting a spiritual enemy whose powers exceed man’s abilities. Accordingly, if we will survive, we must use the tools provided by God, the most powerful force in the universe.
The war is real and unless we prepare for battle, our chances for survival are nonexistent. God has done his part and we must take advantage of his mercy. No one can win this war without his armor and weapons.
We must be vigilant, day and night. We must know the enemy in all of his permutations. Satan will turn to sexual, ethical and technological issues as temptations.
If we refuse to discuss sexual challenges with our children, Satan will have a great advantage. We do not have to be too graphic, but our youngsters must be sexually smart and taught how to handle the situations that will arise (Hebrews 13:5)./4
Young people need to be aware of the lies that the opposite sex will throw at them. Fathers can empower their daughters by teaching them how to handle themselves with men. Likewise, sons need to be prepared to handle sexually aggressive women.
We must examine ethical issues and apologetics in light of Scripture so they will be ready for the attacks of science./5
Knowledge, a wary eye and worthwhile preparation coupled with God’s power, is unassailable. Our efforts will come to victory.
“The whole armor highlights the danger and seriousness of the threat facing the readers and therefore more strongly emphasizing the importance of total dependence on God’s strength.”/6
The seriousness of this conflagration cannot be overstated. Souls lie in the balance. Sincerity will be insufficient. We must be in Christ or we will be with Satan for all eternity. No other option exists (Revelation 20:12).
The world is unaware of the dangers facing them; we must raise the clarion call to the lost and dying around us. The gospel call still speaks loudest, if we will speak the words of the Father.
The time is here for the people of the Book to live as disciples. “The world is waiting to see men and women behaving like Jesus.”/7 We cannot reach the lost unless they see Jesus in our lives (Ephesians 4:1).
“Although Christ won the victory at the cross, the reality of conflict presently continues for the believers.”/8
Eternity rests in the balance (2 Thessalonians 3:13; Romans 13:11).


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