Preaching Out of One's Own Heart

A preacher and I had a confrontation. He did not like my approach to preaching and I did not like his. He did not use the word of God. This preacher told me that he preached out of his heart, and he was right, that was exactly what he did. That is not the same as saying that a preacher put his heart into his preaching or that he preaches with heart. The question is about the source of one’s material. Is it the preacher’s heart or God’s heart. I prefer to go with the latter, but this other guy boldly declared that he would go with the former. That frightens me.
Listen to what God thinks of those who use their hearts instead of His word, “And the word of the LORD came to [Ezekiel], saying, ‘Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel who prophesy, and say to those who prophesy out of their own heart, “Hear the word of the LORD!”‘ Thus says the Lord GOD: ‘Woe to the foolish prophets, who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing!'” (Ezekiel 13:1-3).
You do not want to read in the Bible that God says woe to you. Those who speak out of their own hearts have the woe of God upon them. As you read the word of God, if you discover that you fall under one of His woes, do everything you can to deliver yourself out of that woe.

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