Is Wisdom No More?

The nation of Edom had been great, but something happened. Therefore, the Lord pronounced judgment against Edom, saying,
“Is wisdom no more in Teman?
Has counsel perished from the prudent?
Has their wisdom vanished?”
(Jeremiah 49:7)
Eliphaz in the Book of Job was from Teman. Eliphaz was mistaken on some matters concerning God, but he was still a wise man, who undoubtedly learned wisdom from others and taught others wisdom. However, in time the Edomites forsook his wisdom and so they had to meet the Lord’s wrath (Jeremiah 49:8-10).
The Lord did say that He would leave some who would trust in Him,
“[I will] Leave your fatherless children,
I will preserve them alive;
And let your widows trust in Me.”
(Jeremiah 49:11)
Too bad the wise men would not be around to see their children and their wives trust in the Lord God of Israel.
Will you be around to see your family trust in the Lord? We do not live forever, but we can make the most of our lives now by turning to the Lord with a full heart that we might influence our families and see them trust in the Lord.

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