Have You Heard?

by J. Randal Matheny, editor
“You have surely noticed what these people are saying, haven’t you?”
Jeremiah 33:24a NET
When the Lord calls attention to what people are saying, it is usually to point out how wrong they are.
The people of Jeremiah’s day thought Israel and Judah were goners, so they had “little regard” that God’s people would ever again be a nation (v. 24b). The Lord contradicted that belief with a promise never to reject the descendants of Jacob and to restore them with mercy.
When Jesus asked his disciples what people thought of him, his purpose was to reveal the truth — so far from popular opinion — about himself to his followers.
It is good to note what the crowd is saying, in order to contrast it with the teaching of God. Following or heeding the majority leads to evil (Exodus 23:2).
When we watch television, read a newspaper or book, surf the Internet, we’re listening to others.
When we pipe music in our ears, gossip at the barber or beauty shop, follow the updates on Facebook, we’re listening to others.
When we bow to peer pressure, go with the flow, vote with our pocketbook, we’re listening to others.
Only when we hear the promise of the Lord that cuts across the opinions, predictions and prejudices of the crowd, will we stop giving weight to people’s pronouncements and buck the crowd.
Yet another reason to be often and long in the pages of Scripture.

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