Surely the Great Men Know the Lord's Way!

The Lord told Jeremiah to see if he could find a man in Jerusalem who sought the Lord, then the Lord would forgive Jerusalem. The prophet did it, but he found that the Lord had stricken the people, “But they have not grieved; You have consumed them, but they have refused to receive correction. They have made their faces harder than rock; they have refused to return” (Jeremiah 5:3).
Jeremiah concluded that happened because the common man did not know the way of the Lord (Jeremiah 5:4), but he assumed the great men, the leaders, did,
“I will go to the great men and speak to them,
For they have known the way of the LORD,
The judgment of their God.”
But these have altogether broken the yoke
And burst the bonds.
(Jeremiah 5:5)
Jeremiah found that the leaders were just like the people, ignorant or rebellious against the word of the Lord. We may have known many things, but he who does not know the word of the Lord lives in ignorance.
Friends, keep reading and meditating in the Scriptures daily, for it may spare the destruction of your church or of your country.

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