What Do God's Works Teach You?

It is fascinating to see how people respond differently to the work of God. One group sees it and proclaims that it happened by itself. Still another group concludes that a god they created with their own hands made it.
Isaiah 41 shows some of the contrary views of men towards the work of God. God called the coastlands to Him that they might consider who brought up mighty kings, leading them to conquer new territory. He declared that it was He (Isaiah 41:1-4).
Yet, what did the coastlands do? Listen,
The coastlands saw it and feared,
The ends of the earth were afraid;
They drew near and came.
Everyone helped his neighbor,
And said to his brother,
“Be of good courage!”
(Isaiah 41:5, 6)
That all sounded good so far. Watch what happened next,
So the craftsman encouraged the goldsmith;
He who smooths with the hammer inspired him who strikes the anvil,
Saying, “It is ready for the soldering”;
Then he fastened it with pegs,
That it might not totter.
(Isaiah 41:5)
They made an idol!
How do you react to a work of God you have witnessed?

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