Set on a Hill

by Stan Mitchell
“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matthew 5:14).
The church I worked with in Mutare, Zimbabwe, purchased an old, lumbering bread truck in order to pick up children for Sunday school. It was broad as Montana, and as reliable as the west Texas weather. Someone nicknamed it “Lurch” because of its less than graceful movement down the road.
One morning it broke down on a rather steep hill. It was then I discovered the handbrake didn’t work, either. Lurch began to roll back down hill. Foolishly, I suppose, I jumped out and put my shoulder to the truck in an effort to stop it rolling. It was an unequal task, and I knew I would have to step away and let it roll on down, smashing into whatever got in its way.
Then I heard a bump. There was a pedestrian, a young man, with his shoulder to the task, too. Then another, and another after that. Soon there were fifteen or so people from the shops around, all pushing Lurch. Our combined effort finally stopped the old beast.
A city set on a hill does not come from one house with the porch light on. A city on a hill comes from all of us, pulling together, shining our lights, and making a difference. When we do this together, we can stop any tragedy, and we can be a light for a dark world.
Would you care to join in?

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