The Fragrance of a Good Name

The name of Solomon was sweet to the Shulamite, and she compared it to the fragrance of oils. I like the way the old American Standard Version displays her thought,
Thine oils have a goodly fragrance;
Thy name is as oil poured forth;
Therefore do the virgins love thee.
(Song of Solomon 1:3, ASV)
The rich king could purchase the best oils and fragrances. To the Shulamite, Solomon’s name reminded her of those oils. Therefore, the virgins desired him. It was not the royalty they desired, but him, for that is what stood forth in the mind of the Shulamite.
Your name far surpasses what you have. Therefore, if you are married, work on that relationship more than you do your things. Whether married or not, be the kind of man or woman who has a good name. People will prize that far more than what you have.

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