Mowing the Flowers

by Paula Harrington
I am convinced that somewhere in the world there is a young person whose sole joy in life rests in tending to his parent’s lawn.
In my daydream, he takes great pleasure in trimming, cutting, and making sure that the yard looks presentable. He continually frets over the drive-way being swept, the sticks being picked up, and the grass being flawlessly cut.
I’m certain that this young person exists but I’m also well aware that he doesn’t live at my house.
Too many times, I’ve had to remind my children not to mow the flowers. You would think this would be common knowledge, but somehow it hasn’t sunk in around our house.
Recently, while reminding my kids once again to be extra cautious around the roses, it dawned on me that sometimes Christians are also guilty of mowing the flowers.
The church is beautiful and delicate. Yet, there are times, whether by careless words or thoughtless deeds, that we recklessly cut it down.
We do this when we gossip about other Christians, make negative comments about our leadership, or cause division and strife. It also occurs when we neglect our spiritual growth by allowing our hectic schedules to come between us and Jesus.
Christians should live cautiously, not allowing ourselves to be so overtaken with the troubles of this life that we fall into worldly habits. We must strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that is fitting of a Christian (Ephesians 4:29-32), and never become careless or lazy.
In this world there are roses living among weeds, may we always be mindful of both.

One Reply to “Mowing the Flowers”

  1. As I read “Mowing the Flowers” I soaked it in and saw the similarities to my many-times too busy life. Thanks for the reminder that you have put into words that I will remember and act on.
    I am posting a link to your article on my Facebook page.
    Thanks again.

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