Peace Makers

By Stan Mitchell
“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:9, ESV).
Paul opened the curtain a crack, and looked at the crowd. A low rumble of muttering could be heard, like a distant, oncoming train. He knew the rumors were flying, innuendo and second guessing spread across the room and with it the resentment. He had better step in and face the crowd before things got worse.
He strode to the podium. Two hundred faces followed his progress, darkened by resentment.
“You have all heard the gossip about Ms. Weatherdon embezzling the funds from the club treasury,” he began.
Clearly they had.
“Has anyone spoken to her about it, to hear her point of view?” People looked at each other.
Apparently they had not.
“Has anybody spoken to Mr. Smith, the treasurer, and asked for the accounting records?”
Now they were looking guilty. But Paul didn’t want them to feel guilty. He wanted to make peace, to allow the club and their little community to come together, to function for the good of all.
What is the opposite of a peacemaker, he asked himself. It was the whisperer, the constant critic, the busybody, the meddler.
“Now,” Paul declared to the newly silent crowd, “Let’s hear from these people!”
Peace was beginning to be restored.

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