Filled with Awe

by J. Randal Matheny
“When the godly see this, they will be filled with awe.”
Psalm 52:6 NET
David fled from the jealousy of King Saul. Doeg, overseer of the king’s flocks, ran to the king and informed him of David’s whereabouts.
Perhaps in one of his most vulnerable moments, David pens Psalm 52 on God’s judgment of the wicked.
What will God do to the wicked who plots destruction against the righteous?
“Yet God will make you a permanent heap of ruins. He will scoop you up and remove you from your home; he will uproot you from the land of the living” (v. 5).
Perhaps David speaks here about the king as well as his lackey.
God will save, and the darkest hour only confirms that the righteous are dependent on him.
This critical moment in David’s life serves well to highlight the wonder of the Cross.
The godly look at the cross, consider the destructive power and the malevolent plans of the devil, understand how the Lord gained the victory with one fell swoop.
And we are filled with awe.
In Jesus’ darkest hour, in his deepest pain, in his utter aloneness, in his suspension between heaven and earth, God acted mightily.
And we are filled with awe.
On the third day, at the dawn of the first, in a dew-laden garden, women discovered that a new tomb had become new again, emptied by God almighty, not violated by vandals nor desecrated by soldiers; made the scene where the life of resurrection had been injected into the darkest of sepulcres.
And we are filled with awe. With jubilant silence. With refulgent glory.
This sight is what brings us around the table this morning. This awe binds us to a meal with meaning beyond the physical. This glory shines from the bread and fruit of the vine in gospel proclamation.
Let us eat.

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