Building Your Ark

by Paula Harrington
worrywoman2.jpgIt seems like every now and then certain issues in the news create a panic. Even Christians are guilty of worrying as we contemplate the changes that could occur to our way of life.
Sure, we’ve heard the stories and thought about what might transpire, but imagine the worst possible outcome. Now ask yourself these questions: Will God continue to take care of me? Will God still love me? Will it change who I am, whom I serve, or where I’m going?
At a time when the people of this planet were so sinful that their Creator grieved for causing their existence (Genesis 6:6), one man and his family found favor in the eyes of the Lord.
We, like Noah, need to be ark builders. In these times of no-fault divorces and broken homes, one way a Christian can build their ark is to show their spouse that we are committed to our marriage regardless of the trials we face.
Teaching our children, by words and actions, that nothing and no one should ever come before God is one way to plan for our future. Christians ought to conduct themselves in a manner that others will know that we follow the one who offers peace, forgiveness, and salvation.
We need to band together with the saints and be ready to stand on the side of Christ.
It would be futile to begin building an ark once the clouds are on the horizon. Groundwork must be laid when the sun is shining and the birds are singing. If we plan accordingly, our faith won’t be washed away when the rains come and the winds blow (Matthew 7:25).
Ark builders are calm in the face of panic, joyful in the midst of trial, and secure in an ever-changing troubled world. They are always ready for the storm. Are you?

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