Mercy for the Merciful

By Stan Mitchell
boyrunning2.jpg“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy” (Matthew 5:7).
David Evans knew he was in trouble when he saw the big cottonwood in the back yard toppled over after the storm. It had fallen on the neighbor’s yard, breaking part of the wall that separated the two properties.
And McLeland was not happy. “This cost at least five grand, and you will have to pay for its complete replacement,” he declared.
David didn’t have the money. He was a retired teacher, and had lost what savings he had when his beloved Glenda had succumbed to cancer. He would have to borrow.
And, what was more, the economy was bad these days. Fearfully he entered the big bank and asked for the loan officer. Would they grant him the money?
He was shown into the room of a big young man wearing a suit, and sat down. He explained the situation, and offered his two bedroom house as security. David could not divine the man’s attitude. The officer sat and listened impassively.
When he was finished, the big man said quietly: “Mr. Evans, you don’t remember me, do you?
The officer was correct. He could not recall him.
I was in your class fifteen years ago. Do you remember the day that I broke the window of your car horsing around?”
“Little Tommy?” David said with wonder, “You’ve grown up!”
“I go by Thomas these days. But I remember thinking that I could never afford to pay for that window. You put your arm around me, and said, “Son, a window can be replaced; little boys cannot.”
He looked at the elderly teacher and smiled. “Now, Mr. Evans, about that loan …”

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