Singing Solo Means Singing Alone

by Stan Mitchell
“Blessed are the meek, for they shalll inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5, ESV).
“And I was in charge of the Cleveland project,” Rod was saying, “As well as the main man on the projects in Seattle and Houston.” He looked at the gathered crowd of company managers, and the CEO.
And Margaret sank further in her plush conference chair.
She couldn’t believe it. Rod was taking all the credit! She knew he was a promoter at heart, but the product Rod promoted was … Rod!
She had been on all of those projects, too. Many of the ideas had been hers, as well as the planning and execution of the work. But as far as the circle of people at the company conference was concerned, the credit all went to Rod, the PR man!
She remembered her grandfather’s saying: “When a man sings his own praises, he usually pitches the tune too high!”
She looked at all their faces – intent, eyes shining, locked on Rod as he continued the presentation of company achievements, and of course his key part in its success!
Bitterly she thought how hard it was for a woman in corporate settings anyway. But it was also her personality; she would be ashamed to boast about her work.
She needed the promotion and the raise it would bring. Her oldest was entering college, and there was the mortgage to pay, too.
As she left the room, tossing her Styrofoam coffee cup in the trash, a voice called her name. It was Rogers, the company CEO.
“Margaret,” he called, “can I have a word with you?”
She waited while he approached. “Some people have to speak of their achievements,” he began, without identifying anyone, “but your work speaks for itself. I’ve been watching, and I’m impressed. I’m recommending you for the promotion.”
The man who sings his own praise, she reflected, usually sings solo.

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  1. Great ending for the trustworthy servant- doing her work as to The Lord- and its reward, though not its goal. Very good article!

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