Something We Want God to Remember

Psalm 89:47 says something that we would typically think we need to remember, but the psalmist wanted God to remember,
Remember how short my time is;
For what futility have You created all the children of men?
(Psalm 89:47)
We would say to each other that we need to remember our short time on earth, remembering that God did not create us for futility, but He had good reasons for creating us. Yet, the psalmist reversed that, wanting God to remember the shortness of our lives and that God did not create man for futile reasons.
The psalmist was in trouble and wanted God to see it. The psalmist wanted God save him immediately because of his short life and there would not be a chance to save him later. Therefore, his life should not be wasted, but God helping him in the present distress would fulfill the meaning of his life.
See how the psalmists talked to God. They boldly reminded God of various truths. Do the same thing in your prayers to Him. Quote Scripture that supports your requests. He wants to hear that you want to live by the teaching of Scripture.

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