Will Work for Food

by Stan Mitchell
“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4, ESV).
Mike walked quickly away from the manager’s office. Like most men, the terror that tightened his chest was not one he would have talked about. Management had been retrenching for months at his job site; it had now been his turn. He was unemployed.
He pictured himself on skid row with a cardboard sign: “Will work for food.”
And the questions tumbled out like towels in a clothes dryer. How can I pay for my oldest child’s college? How can I feed and shelter the two younger ones? How can I provide for my family? How can I get another job at age fifty?
Though Mike’s mourning was private and desperate, not even seen by his family, it was very real nonetheless.
He remembered the scripture that spoke of “those who mourn” being “comforted.” Was that promise for me, he wondered? He could imagine it was a promise for the bereaved and the persecuted Christian, for people who lived in Bible times, but what about a man who had not lost a loved one, who had “just” lost his job?
Then he remembered something he had said the day before to one of his children: “A father loves all of his children.” Mike smiled, and his chest expanded with fresh air. God was his father, too.
There was comfort in that thought!

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