Commotion About the Way

The Way causes people to change their lives. If enough people change their lives in a town or nation, the whole system of that locality will be affected. About the situation in Ephesus, Luke wrote, “And about that time there arose a great commotion about the Way. For a certain man named Demetrius, a silversmith, who made silver shrines of Diana, brought no small profit to the craftsmen” (Acts 19:23-24).
The Way of Christianity says there is only one God and that the images men make are not gods. Therefore, if a town has built its economy on making those gods, what shall happen to it, when a good number of the people convert to Jesus Christ? Many companies in that town shall go out of business and when people lose their jobs, they become angry if it is a widespread problem.
Keep the living the way of Christ, but prepare yourself for all kinds of responses.

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