Anyone Can Quote Scripture

“And said to him, “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down, for it is written,” ‘He will command his angels concerning you,'” (Matthew 4:6), ESV.
Mark was a young preacher, and this was his first experience of this kind. Sitting across from him was a couple, “living in sin” as the old people used to say. The woman was no longer young, but she clearly took care of herself – slender, well heeled, still very beautiful.
“But the Lord wants us to be happy, doesn’t he?” she had just declared, and her lover chimed in: “That’s right. Doesn’t the Bible say somewhere that God came to give us life, and that life more abundantly”?
“Now look who’s quoting scripture,” Mark thought.
Anyone can quote scripture. Even Satan did. Scripture can be twisted, or used in isolation from the rest of the Bible, torn from context like barbed wire on a flannel shirt. Juvenile delinquents can quote scripture to show that their parents should have brought them up better. Church backsliders can quote scriptures to show how the church failed in its responsibilities to them.
And this couple was defending their illicit relationship with scripture. Mark was neither shocked nor outraged. He understood this as a natural human response for people in denial.
“That’s a nice scripture,” he began. “But we need to consider some other scriptures, too …”

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