Tune Up

By Stan Mitchell
“But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming for baptism, he said to them, “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Bear fruit in keeping with repentance,” (Matthew 3:8, ESV).
Frank reached over the top of the piano, and lifted the lid, exposing a mass of strings. Matt, the Smith’s little son, looked on wide-eyed.
“Cool,” he gave the little kid’s ultimate compliment, “I didn’t know all that was there!”
Frank tuned pianos for a living. He made appointments with people whose piano sounds had gone sour, whose notes sounded as musical as a ring of keys falling down a flight of stairs.
Even grownups were impressed when they saw the inner workings, the guts of a piano. No matter how polished the wood exterior, no matter how bright the ebony and ivory colored keys, it was what was inside that truly mattered!
Keys shouldn’t be tuned in harmony with each other so much as given their true tone, their correct pitch, and only then would they be in harmony with each other.
Little Matt hadn’t even been aware that a piano had an inside until a moment ago. It was, Frank reflected, a lot like people. We paste on cosmetics, we buff up the muscle tone, we shine and scrub our faces, acting as if we’re completely unaware of the fact that people have insides, too.
And from time to time, people need to be returned, their attitudes sweetened, their discordant habits eliminated. You can’t make a symphony out of a piano when the catgut produces a cat’s chorus!
Is it time for your life to be given a tune up?

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  1. Stan,
    Thank you for your articles! I look forward to reading them. You are a great writer. I really appreciate the way you use everyday life situations to illustrate the truths of Scripture.
    I am the preaching minister for the Creekwood church of Christ in Mobile, AL. I am a graduate fo the Master of Ministry Program at F-HU.
    Thank you for all that you do in His service. Many, including me, are being blessed by your work.
    In His service with you,

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