Kids These Days

by Paula Harrington
christianyouth.jpgAt a recent Wednesday night Bible study, a precious young soul gave his life to Christ. After the service, his seventeen year-old big sister ran down the aisle to embrace him, weeping tears of joy as he was quickly surrounded by the rest of the youth group. Later, another young lady cried not only due to her joy over his decision to become a Christian, but because she wasn’t able to be there that night to witness it.
We’ve seen the news. We’ve heard the statistics. We know that there are a lot of troubled young people in our society; however, sometimes we forget that there are also a lot of good kids out there, too.
Kids, who cook breakfast for the elderly, visit the shut-ins, teach Bible classes, paint houses, rake leaves, and fill grocery bags. Young people who go door-knocking around the neighborhood and around the world. Christian teens who attend Bible camps not only for the fellowship, but for the desire to learn more about God’s Word.
Friends, these kids aren’t only the church of today; they are the church of tomorrow. They are our elders, deacons, missionaries, and preachers. They are the godly women who will be their wives and teachers of our ladies and children. They are our future and we should have hope because in their hands the gospel will be preached, the lost will be saved, and God will be glorified.
May we never be found guilty of looking down on the youth as the apostle Paul alluded to in I Timothy 4:12 but let us keep in mind that there are kids these days who are righteous, faithful, and vigorously working for the kingdom of God.

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