Apparent Sign of Sympathy

King Ahab pouted because Naboth would not sell his property to the king. “But Jezebel his wife came to him, and said to him, ‘Why is your spirit so sullen that you eat no food?'” (1 Kings 21:5).
Does that not sound like a sympathetic wife? Should we not all sound like her when someone is sad?
You may know the kind of woman Jezebel was, and if so, you know that she may have cared for her husband, but she did not care for other people. In this case, she worked a plan to kill Naboth and thereby free his property for Ahab, which truly may have been a plan to enrich herself.
Is someone’s sympathy toward you good? Perhaps, but if you know generally that person is evil, beware of his or her apparent sympathy. Some dogs approach with apparent friendliness and then they bite.

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