Pure in Speech

“Youth, though it may lack knowledge is certainly not devoid of intelligence; its sees through shams with sharp and terrible eyes” (H.L. Mencken).
I have been in education for the past twenty-six years, and today I learned a lesson from a 15 year-old student./1 Here is what Oluwaseun Omotunde said to his peers during chapel:

“Wasn’t it said by our Great Messiah Jesus Christ in the days of old, ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God’? Wasn’t it also said by the Son of God, ‘For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks’? God created you to be pure in heart, to love one another, and to be obedient to His will. You were created to be separate from the world and its sickening ways. The world hated you, and laughed at you, and lied about you because you were different. The Lord knew your pain, your struggles, and your anguish and comforted you in your time of need. The Lord stayed with you because you were not supposed to be like everybody else. You were created to be different.

What’s happened to you?! You have now started to talk like the people of this world. They have made you believe that cuss words are meaningless words that everyone uses today. I tell you the truth today, words are one of the most powerful tools a man can use.

You cannot say words are meaningless when words were the very tool the Lord used to create the earth. How can you have the guts to use vile profanities and then read the Bible and go to church and act like a Christian? Don’t you have any shame?

The Lord has more compassion on an atheist than he does on a hypocritical Christian. Cuss words are associated with the stupid and foolish of the earth. You were created to be different.

Your ways are like the typical actor who goes to Hollywood. From humble beginnings, the actor comes to Hollywood with big dreams. Over time, the actor becomes a big movie star and starts being corrupted by Hollywood culture. The actor’s agent tells him not to behave like the other actors for the agent has huge plans for the actor.

The actor ignores his agent and starts doing things he thinks isn’t a big deal like drinking and being rude. The agent decides to leave the actor to help someone else because the actor no longer listens to him. The actor begins spiraling down into deeper trouble until he realizes that Hollywood did not really care about him. The actor also realized that his agent loved him even though the actor treated the agent like trash. The actor ended up like every other actor who Hollywood spits out: lost while drowning in his own waste. The actor was supposed to be different.

The Lord our God is calling for you to change and come back home. God loves you more than you can ever imagine and does not appreciate it when you use words that are associated with the filth and dirtiness of this world.

God also does not want you to face the consequences that will befall all who disobey Him. I do not know or pretend that I know the consequences the Lord will pour out on nonbelievers and hypocrites during their lifetime, but I do know the ultimate punishment of hell if repentance is not shown.

The people of this world use the excuse that God is too exclusive, too intolerant, and too offensive and that a Christian can cuss and still be pure. We know this to be a lie because Jesus called us to be pure in all aspects of our life, including speech. You are to be pure because you were created to be different.

There is still an everlasting hope for you that God has provided you through our Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus was killed so that you may have forgiveness for your sins. God will forgive you if you ask and stop your mouth from spraying filth. God also asks that you pray and read your Bible daily.

By not cussing, you will be unique and exceptional compared to the many people not only at Harding Academy but also in the United States that cuss because they view it as a trivial issue. Don’t be like the Hollywood actor who didn’t realize the mess he was in until he had lost everything.

God has promised many blessings in the end to people who obey Him fully. God will make you a leader among the posers, mockers, and scoffers of this world for you will be pure. You were created to be different.”

What more can I say? Christian, are you up for the task?

“How shall the young secure their hearts,

And guard their lives from sin?

Thy Word the choicest rules imparts,

To keep the conscience clean.”

— Isaac Watts


1/ May 13, 2009 at Memphis Harding Academy.