And Now You Know

by Paula Harrington
Paul Harvey’s popular radio show, The Rest of the Story, began in the early 1940s and was always a fan favorite. At the conclusion of each broadcast Harvey would end a fascinating story by supplying a surprise twist and uttering the famous words, “And now you know…the rest of the story.”
We, as Christians, are blessed to know the rest of the story; however, those living in Bible times weren’t always as fortunate.
He didn’t know about the conversation between God and Satan concerning his righteousness (Job 1).
Rahab’s Family
They didn’t know that they were in eminent danger and their only means of survival rested upon Rahab and her trust in the God of Israel (Joshua 2:18, 6:25).
David’s Nation
One could wonder if the people in David’s kingdom praised the King for taking in the widow of Uriah unaware that he was responsible for the man’s death (2 Samuel 1).
The Jews at Calvary
They accused Him of blasphemy and treason yet the one they were crucifying was the begotten of God (Luke 23:34).
There should be no surprises for God’s people today since he has allowed everyone to know the rest of the story by giving us his Word.; nor should we forget that there is a day coming when all people will be held accountable for their sins.
The rest of the story is that Jesus is coming back and by his Word we will be judged.
Friends, be ready.

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