Checking In

by Stan Mitchell
“When Herod the king heard this, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him (Matthew 2:3, ESV).
Graham put the phone down. It was unsettling news. Bob Bland was coming tomorrow to look over the business. He had twenty-four hours to clean everything up. Why was he coming to visit now, he thought. Did he know something?
Graham had run the business the way he saw fit for ten years. It was a comfortable arrangement, because Bland was an absentee owner, living on the west coast, and running most of his business concerns from there.
But Graham had cut some corners lately, failing to do proper maintenance on equipment, allowing the plant to look run down, and there was, well, a little creative accounting to be considered, too.
So why was Bland coming? Who did he think he was, looking over Graham’s shoulder? (And the answer came, unbidden. He’s the owner, of course. It’s his investment.)
One might have thought that the arrival of the king would have pleased King Herod and the residents of Jerusalem, but Matthew describes them instead as being disturbed. What right does God have to look over our shoulders, to check in with the way we run our lives from time to time?
Well, there is the fact that he owns everything, including us. Maybe it’s time to clean up a little. What if the king decides to come again?

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