by Mike Benson
ns.jpgIt was one of those Barbara Walters TV specials, and this particular program featured Norman Schwarzkopf–one time commander of Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf.
During the interview, when asked about the war and especially the cost in terms of human life incurred during the war, the general began to cry. Not surprisingly, Walters rather bluntly inquired, “General, aren’t you afraid to cry?” To which the general replied, “Barbara, I’m afraid of a man who can’t cry!”
Don’t you think it is significant that as you study Jesus Christ in the New Testament, you find that he too was a man, and yet a man who, on occasion, shed tears? John’s inspired record states explicitly, “Jesus wept” (11:35).
Does this mean that Jesus was a sissy, or that he was weak? On the contrary, it means that he had a tender heart.
If you’re looking for a leader of a nation, of an army, of a business, or of a family, find a REAL man…like Jesus..who is unafraid to cry.
Think about it.

2 Replies to “Cry”

  1. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for restoring lukewarm and dying christians.Your ministry has revived me and I’m growing spiritually and glory be to God who led and inspired you into launching this kind of ministry. Thank you once more brothers and sisters for being the vessel of the Almighty God in this decaying universe.
    Blessings always
    Bro Papa

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